Profile Enrichment

Nowadays, pursuing data-driven strategies is fundamental for almost any kind of business, for this reason our profile enrichment patented algorithm provides your consumer database with indicators which you don’t want to miss. We enrich the profile of each of your consumers by retrieving, processing and normalizing public or proprietary data from external data sources. Thanks to our enrichment algorithm you will be able to broaden and deepen the knowledge of your customers, relying on more than 100 indicators about civil status, housing, income, education, employment, interests, purchasing habits and more.

Learning about your customers’ civil status, housing, income, education, employment, interests, purchasing HABITS DOES change your game.


This is the basic level which allows to categorize statistically all the dataset of your consumers. Its purpose is exploiting the anonymous data available on the Italian population by mapping each person into one of the 4 million of geographical micro-clusters in which the Italian population has been divided. Thanks to this advanced geo-marketing technology, the system can generate information for each person by accessing statistical information pertaining to the cluster whose consumer geographically and hierarchically belongs.


This level aims at improving the accuracy of the enrichment generated by the first layer by retrieving specific data about every single consumer to refine his indicators. Thanks to this new data asset the probabilistic profile is significantly improved whenever a specific data input is found and validated, thus creating a better record to be processed by the artificial intelligence.