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BigProfiles People Profiling buids a profile for each user with 100+ probabilistic reviews on income, wealth, education, household, consumption, interests and much more. The platform capitalize on a very large number of unstructured data sources.


Profile your CRM with external data sources

In order to have an efficient CRM you need customer informations, not just data. The person hiding behind the consumer data has a profession, education, income, interests, habits, and much morer. BigProfiles platform capitalize on unstructured  informations avaliable from Social Networka, Chamber of Commerce and Open Data.


4 marital status markers


5 education markers


19 working position markers


11 income and assets’level markers


11 household and real estate markers


30 consumption markers


78 markers on interests and sociality


23 markers on automotive

Population segmentation in 1 Million Micro-Clusters

Leveraging its data-driven proprietary process, BigProfiles platform segmented and classified Italian population in over 1 million micro-clusters. Thanks to our commercial agreements with third-party data sources, open data and aggregated data from social networks, we are able to characterize every population micro-cluster with thousands of data that describe each consumer at 360 °.

Profile each of your customers with more than 100 probabilistic indicators

Each prospect customer in your CRM have some specific characteristics belonging to a given micro-cluster. BigProfiles propietary technology converts those peculiarities into probabilistic profiling markers for each  individual consumer. 100+ markers will profile the single buyer on the basis of family, education, profession, income, assets, investments, housing, consumption, interests, automotive and much more.


Our Customers use our markers to analyze their own Customer Base and predict purchasing behaviors:


Predictive Models Performances

Use of probabilistic markers in predictive models

People Profiling platform apply machine learning algorithms to probabilistic profiles to predict customer purchasing behaviors. Your Data Scientists will be able to increase the performance of a specific predictive model such as anti-churn.


Data to be analyzed by Customer

Creation of data analysis enriched with probabilistic markers

People Profiling aims to a complete view of company’s Customer Base. The platform compares and integrates external data (interests, profession, consumption...) with internal data in order to enrich customer profile and provide previously unknown informations.


Cross-selling Sales

Targeting prospects for a cross-selling campaign

Cross-selling and up-selling campaigns are designed to create value from company’s Customer Base. People Profiling markers identify most targeted prospects and predict their willing-to-buy, to radically (3x) increase your company's sales.

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