AI Platform for Utilities



Hot Sales Leads Outbouding

+ 20% Sales

Hot sales leads purchasing propensity decreases as their waiting time increase.

BigPro­files AI Platform predicts purchasing probability of each incoming hot sales lead in real time. Before BPO’s inside sales operator answer. sales calls with high purchasing propensity score get priority to prevent long queue time.

Prioritize your sales pipeline queue and improve your sales.



Cold Lists Outbounding

+ 27% Conversion Rate

Utilites vertical market is extremely competitive. New customers’ acquisition presumes significant  campaign management budgets.

AI Platform qualifies out upfront non-performing segments of teleselling campaigns to reduce CPA.

Reach your sales targets fastly.

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

+ 200% Sales

Since liberalization of the energy & gas markets, Utilites market players started offering multi-service customized packages.

BigProfiles AI Platform identifies the best sales performing product to offer to on-target customers. Maximize the business performance of cross-selling and up-selling activities.

Call on-target sales prospect only.

Access to the Platform

  • Real Time via API
  • Web Interface
BigProfiles AI Platform intuitive and easy to use by design.

AI Platform licensing is available both through web interface or API integration with customer’s own systems.

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