AI Platform for Telcos



Cold List Outbounding

+ 27% Conversion Rate

New customers acquisition cost through teleselling campaigns requires large budgets.

Big Profiles AI Platform assess cold sales leads and qualifies-out non-performing segments of sales campaigns reducing CPA.

Reach your sales targets faster.

Customer Service To Sales

+ 20% Sales

Customer Service is a cost for companies but can be turned into an opportunity to engage with their own customer and generate new business.

BigProfiles AI Platform generates a real-time customer base scoring and predicts purchasing probability of each customer before inside sales operator accepts the call. Platform will route those customers with better purchase propensity score towards Inside Sales Reps with better sales track records

Assign customers to best performing sales operators to grow sales from in-bound campaigns.

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

+ 200% Sales

TME companies have large customer base. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling campaigns are the classic instruments to unlock value from existing customers.

BigProfiles AI Platform engine performs the match between appropriate upsell product to existing on-target customer. Companies can now maximize the potential of their own existing customer base using cross-selling and up-selling campaigns.

Call only targets interested in what you are selling.

Access to the Platform

  • Real Time via API
  • Web Interface
BigProfiles AI Platform intuitive and easy to use by design.

AI Platform licensing is available both through web interface or API integration with customer’s own systems.

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