AI Platform for Financial Services

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

+ 200% Sales

Financial Services companies tipically have a large and data-intensive customers bases.

This multitude of customers turns into business value performing cross-Selling campaigns – e.g. Insurance service package proposal to a retail bank customer.

BigProfiles AI Platform identifies most effective products to be proposed to each sales prospect and maximize the potential of cross-selling and up-selling campaigns.

Call on-target only sales leads. 

Hot Sales Leads Outbounding

+ 20% Sales

Do not loose your sales leads business potential.

Hot sales leads have significantly higher acquisition costs than cold contacts. An additional digital marketing strategy is needed to unlock cold sales contacts value.

BigProfiles AI Platform performs sales lead scoring before inside sale operator accepts the call. Prioritizing sales prospect waiting calls mantains the business potential of hot sales leads.

Prioritize your prospect customers queues and increase your sales.

Outbound in Outsourcing

+ 27% Conversion Rate

New customer acquisition often reduce teleselling campaigns profitability.

Big Profiles AI Platform assess sales lead cold leads and exclude non-performing segments from sales campaigns reducing CPA.

Reach your sales targets faster.

Access to the Platform

  • Real Time via API
  • Web Interface

BigProfiles AI Platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

It is possible to use the full potential of the Platform both through its web interface and through real-time integration with your systems.

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