AI Platform for BPOs

Cold List Outbounding

– 25% Operational Costs

+ 27% Conversion Rate

In a business where personnel remains the most relevant cost, operational efficiency is the key to stay ahead of competitors.

BigProfiles AI Platform reduces the number of calling operators for each single teleselling campaing, while keeping the same amount of sales.

Using AI Platform on cold prospects lists, BPO managers can rightsize non-performing teleselling campaings’ segments reducing total amount of calls.

Reach your sales target quickly.

Hot Sales Lead Outbounding

+ 20% Sales

To acquire hot sales leads it is obviously much more efficient for sales than buying cold sales leads. Due to operational inefficiency sometime hot leads calls are left queueing and might reduce their sales opportunity value.

Using BigProfiles AI Platform BPO’s Managers gain a real-time sales lead scoring for each sales prospect that predicts the probability of purchasing for each sales lead before engaging it.

Prioritize your queues and increase your sales.

Select Profiled Contacts from Database

+ 200% Sales

To perform sales campaigns BPOs acquire qualified on-target sales leads from external databases.

BigProfiles AI Platform helps BPO Managers to select on-target potential customer with better scoring.

The Platform identifies on-target sales prospect contacts out of a list, scoring the greater probability to purchase a specific product or service.

Call only target customers with a compelling reason to buy.

Access to the Platform

  • Real Time via API
  • Web Interface

BigProfiles AI Platform intuitive and easy to use by design.

AI Platform licensing is available both through web interface or API integration with customer’s own systems.

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