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People Profiling

Add more than 250 indicators to your CRM, for ex. level of income, employement, education, civil status, interests and purchasing power to know your prospects best.

Predictive Modeling

You can predict the purchasing propensitiy or the probability of churn for all customers in your CRM. Design the right strategy and improve your business.

AI Platform

BigProfiles AI Platform is the first Artificial Intelligence predictive platform for teleselling that  predicts purchasing probability down to single prospect in a database or list.

AI Platform

Call high propensity consumer to improve your sales campaigns performance
BigProfiles AI Platform is the first teleselling and telemarketing predictive platform that analyzes new prospects and apply trained Machine Learning models to each sales lead. AI Platform allows Sales Directors of banks, insurance companies, utilities, telcos and Contact Centers to get over their business target.

Customer Service to Sales



Sales on Customer Base



Outbound Sales on a List



BigProfiles AI Platform is simple to use, intuitive and built on your campaigns

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BigProfiles AI Platform, using its revolutionary technologies, supports Marketing, Sales, CRM and Teleselling departments to achieve their business targets. AI Platform effectively segments your customer base and prospect customer lists, identifying high purchasing propensity clusters.

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