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Antichurn AI

Predicting how your customers will behave in the future is possible and necessary. The benefits of predictive analytics are self-explanatory: you can develop models to forecast sales and revenues, find solutions to improve customer satisfaction and also predict their likelihood to abandon your product or service.

BigProfiles supports your business in curbing customer churn rate. You will be able to predict customer churn rate and avoid churning BY adopting proactive retention strategies.


If your business already relies on a churn prediction model but wants to improve its efficiency, BigProfiles can provide you with the tools you need. We will bolster the performance of your model and its accuracy by adding more information about your customer base, so that your model will leverage not only on internal data but also on valuable information from external sources.


If your business has not developed a churn prediction model yet or wants to create a brand new one, BigProfiles can support you in the process of building a model to significantly reduce churn rate and boost customer retention


If your business has a large database of lapsed customers that need to be reactivated, BigProfiles supports you in refining the existing churn prediction model to learn the probability of the selected segment to respond positively to the campaign. BigProfiles traces up-to-date information about your customer base and integrates it with data you have already acquired enabling you to plan a highly performing campaign and find new business opportunities.